Surgical Aesthetics

JAN-FEB 2014

For plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery trends, techniques and equipment, plastic and cosmetic surgeons turn to Surgical Aesthetics for the latest on breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and more.

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Contents January/February 2014 12 Features 12 Shaping the Future by Randy Dotinga Technology vs. training: Achieving the best liposuction results 18 Patient, Heal Thyself by Cindi Myers The growing use of biologics in cosmetic plastic surgery 24 Clear Expectations by Annemarie Mannion Why protocols and job descriptions matter Columns 8 Private Practice by Catherine Maley Strategies to improve conversions 36 Controversies in Care by Inga Hansen ADM in Aesthetic Breast Augmentation 18 8 Departments 6 Cutting Edge 30 Gallery 32 News & Events 35 Advertiser Index COVER: © Westend61 / Masterfile January/February 2014 ❘ 1

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