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MAR-APR 2013

For plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery trends, techniques and equipment, plastic and cosmetic surgeons turn to Surgical Aesthetics for the latest on breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and more.

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Plastic Surgery Pricing Nationwide, a website for plastic surgeons and patients interested in plastic surgery procedures, has released its annual plastic surgery pricing report for 2013. The data for the report was gathered from participating BuildMyBod physicians. Following are the average total procedure costs broken down by both procedure and region. Breast augmentation (silicone implants): National average: $6,443 ��� Southern Region average: $6,006 ��� Western Region average: $6,140 ��� Northeast average: $7,577 ��� Midwest average: $6,760 Tummy Tuck National average: $7,187 ��� Southern Region average: $6,740 ��� Western Region average: $6,911 ��� Northeast average: $8,550 ��� Midwest average: $8,135 Facelift total National average: $8,409 ��� Southern Region average: $8,169 ��� Western Region average: $8,530 ��� Northeast average: $8,906 ��� Midwest average: $8,081 �� ISTOCKPHOTO.COM Improve Web-Based Conversions Practice websites have become a marketing necessity for practitioners offering elective, cosmetic procedures. But is your site effective at turning visitors into callers and ultimately consults? Louis Gagnon, chief product and marketing of���cer at Yodle (, an online marketing company, offers the following ���ve tips to make your practice website more effective: 1. Highlight your contact information on every page. Make sure your phone number is prominently displayed on every page and include an email contact form for those who prefer not to call. 2. Keep the message simple. Bombarding people with too much detail on procedure offerings and credentials can overwhelm them. Tell your audience only what they need to know in order to make a decision about whether to contact you for a consult. 3. Give visitors a soft landing by creating separate pages on your website for all your primary services (i.e. facelifts, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, etc.). 4. Provide a call to action by telling visitors what you want them to do (i.e. schedule a consultation, contact us). 5. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices. One-Step Reconstruction Safe Following Mastectomy Direct-to-Implant��� or one-step���breast reconstruction following mastectomy is effective, safe and offers aesthetic bene���ts when performed on appropriate patients, according to the study, ���Focus on Technique: One-Stage Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction,��� published in a featured supplement of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (November 2012) With the Direct-to-Implant procedure, a permanent implant is placed in the breast immediately following mastectomy. A specially prepared skin tissue���or acellular dermal matrix���is placed over the implant as a muscle extender, avoiding the need for tissue expanders. The study documented the results of 790 breast reconstructions (in 439 patients) performed over a 10-year period by lead author and creator of the procedure C. Andrew Salzberg, MD, associate professor at NY Medical College and chief of plastic surgery at Westchester Medical Center and St. John's Riverside Hospital at Dobbs Ferry Pavilion. Results indicate consistently low complication rates at an incidence of less than 2%, including implant loss (1.6%), skin necrosis requiring reoperation (1.3%), infection (1.1%), hematoma (0.6%), seroma (0.5%) and capsular contracture (0.5%). ���As with any surgical procedure, a comprehensive pre-surgery consultation is crucial to review all reconstructive options and the risks and bene���ts of each,��� said Dr. Salzberg. ���An ideal candidate for Direct-to-Implant, or one-step, reconstruction will have healthy breast skin that can accommodate the implant, without excessive sagging (ptosis). Also, very obese patients tend to be better served by other reconstructive options that may involve fat or muscle transfer.��� For more information on Direct-to-Implant breast reconstruction, visit reconstructive-surgery/breast-reconstruction/. March/April 2013 ��� 7

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